23 February 2014

* Coconut Prawn Curry {Hairy Dieters}

Although I've always been on the voluptuous side of voluptuous, I have never really had a problem with my weight until I hit my fortieth birthday a couple of years back. All of a sudden it mattered. Oddly (or not) I have always struggled with my age... always... right back as far as the age of twenty four (many, many moons ago *sob*) when Neil bought me a bunch of flowers the day before my twenty fifth birthday because "You seem a bit bummed out about your birthday tomorrow".


He hasn't bought me flowers since. His excuses vary from "It's been so long, you'd wonder what I'd done wrong if I did"... to "The only flowers you'll be getting from me will be on your funeral wreath".

Wuuuuv. Twuu wuuuuv. 

I digress (what's new?)... in December last year I started up with Weight Watchers Online for about the fourth or fifth time and it lasted until Christmas Eve (ish), which is what I'd more or less expected - because I have the attention span of a rabid gnat when it comes to following any sort of plan... plus Christmas. Really. If you expected any different you seriously haven't been paying attention. I am offended. So... any weight that I lost before the Christmas period I gained back with big brass knobs on and a side of Christmas Pudding.

I've considered trying 5:2 again, Rosemary Conley, calorie counting... stapling my face shut. I've bought both of the Hairy Dieters Cook Books in a bid to inspire myself into Thindom and as yet, have only cooked the one recipe from them. This one. Coconut Prawn Curry. It's pretty scrumptious. So I thought I'd share it.

I have actually lost a couple of pounds this week, simply by walking the dog a bit further and a bit more often... I got up this morning to discover she'd placed a "Do Not Disturb" sign beside her bed and she's hidden her leash.

I'm tempted to shout "Walkies" just to see if she bites me.

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Coconut Prawn Curry Recipe {Hairy Dieters}

Serves 2
254 calories per portion (without rice)

Prep time - 5 minutes
Cooking time - 15 minutes
Total time - 20 minutes

You will need
A medium skillet/frying pan

2 tbsps medium curry paste (I used Balti)
2 tbsps cold water
1 onion - halved and finely sliced
1 orange/yellow bell pepper - deseeded and cut into chunks
1 tbsp mango chutney
3 large ripe tomatoes - quartered
7 fl oz/200ml half fat coconut milk
2 tsp cornflour
7 oz/200g cooked or raw peeled king prawns - defrosted if frozen
3.5 oz/100g baby spinach leaves


  • Put the curry paste, 1 tbsp of water, onion and pepper into the skillet and cook over a low heat for 4 - 5 minutes, stirring regularly until the onion softens.
  • Add the mango chutney, tomatoes and coconut milk and bring to a simmer, cook for 4 minutes, stirring occasionally until the tomatoes are soft but still holding their shape.
  • Mix the cornflour with 1 tbsp of water to make a smooth paste and stir it into the coconut sauce for 30 seconds or so until the sauce thickens.
  • Stir in the prawns and spinach and cook for 2-3 minutes or until the prawns are hot and the spinach has wilted. If using raw prawns ensure they are completely pink before serving.
  • Serve with basmati rice (or whatever floats your boat).

NOTE: If you'd like a richer sauce, use half a can of chopped tomatoes (about 7 oz) instead of the fresh ones. The calorie difference is minimal.


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  1. Freaked me out there for a moment. At first I thought I read "fortTEENth birthday a couple of years back..." :) Oh I know what you mean. I lost almost 10 pounds this fall, but between Thanksgiving and New Years - gained it ALL back. It's a bitch losing it again. Recipes like this would definitely help. Great flavors for such a light dish! Curry and coconut milk is a great base for any dish! Have a great week!

    1. Hah! I WISH I was referring to my fourteenth birthday!!! If only ;-) I hope you have a great week too, MJ xx

  2. I've never tried eating curry, let alone making it...but I'm in the mood for something different. Since my weight loss crap has been put on temporary hold, and the only thing even remotely energetic/exercisey I can manage is cooking, I think I'll give this recipe a go...and maybe have a box or two of Girl Scout cookies for dessert.

    1. It's a low cal recipe, Kelly so you're good hun ;-) JUST STAY AWAY FROM THE COOKIES!!!... I've been eating chocolate zucchini brownies all day - for the vegetable content. True story.

    2. It's an established, well-known fact that if there are both vegetables and chocolate in a recipe together, the healthiness of the vegetables completely cancel out the not-quite-so healthiness of the chocolate.

      Oh! And did you know that if you eat sweets that were made for you by someone else, the calories don't count?! Therefore, my Girl Scout cookies -- having been made especially for me by some sweet, kind-hearted Girl Scouts -- are totally "calorie free". True story!

    3. Why Pinocchio... I think if you look up, you can touch the moon with your nose ;-) x

  3. Oh, these are all my favourite flavours! I seem to add prawns to everything I cook - just can't help myself. This is a beautiful dish, Abbe, and I think it would be fabulous for a girls' night. Love the photos, too!

    1. Thanks, Robyn! I almost didn't post this one because I wasn't sure about the photos - my oldest BFF would love this for a girls night, hadn't thought of that ;-)

  4. This looks beautiful, Abbe. I'd be having more than two bowls..diet, be gone..lol! xx

    1. Aaaaw thanks, Sharon :-) Think we might be having it again- next Monday... when all diets start (and finish) ;-) xx

  5. This looks fabulous, full of flavor, somehow I love the combination of curry and coconut milk...and notice that you add a little mango chutney...yum!
    Thanks for this awesome recipe Abbe...hope you are enjoying your week :D

  6. LOL I've never met a dog who turned down a walk! I know what you mean about turning forty, not liking it a bit! Great curry by the way, looks pretty healthy and sounds yummy. :)

  7. This seriously looks like something I could put my whole face in. Love Thai flavors and this recipe take full advantage. Trying this one for sure. BTW, I bet voluptuous looks great on you!! :-)

    1. Hah! It does, but I reckon "skinny" would look better :D xx

  8. Girl...What a dish! This curry looks quite tempting.
    I have been struggling with my diet. Cooking for the blog and having no time to exercise, it is not helping me at all. But well...Wishing you an awesome week. Congrats on your weight loss. I saw your last FB pic and you look fab!

    1. Denise - you are a darling!!! Thankyou ;-) xxx

  9. Nice recipes!
    It looks delicious and tasty. Coconut Oil and coconut is very useful in making low fat recipes.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe...........


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