27 August 2012

* Chicken with Creamy Apple Sauce

I tried sooooooooooooooooooo hard to get a decent photo of this dish, all plated up.

Didn't happen.

It's a GAWJUS sauce - sweet and sharp and savoury - but it's not exactly photogenic when you've gone a bit mad and smeared it ALL OVER EVERYTHING.

It was only supposed to be spooned - ceremoniously - over the chicken, but somehow it escaped the confines of my intentions and ended up being used as a gravy to cover my entire dinner. Same thing happened to Neil's plate.

I blame the chocolate brownies... I was thinking about how long it would be suitable to wait after dinner, until I could have another one. Did I actually - in fact - have to eat dinner to have a brownie? How many brownies were left?

What if I just licked one - pre dinner?

When I came to... it was too late. The sauce was on everything. There was nothing left to do but dig in.

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Chicken with Creamy Apple Sauce Recipe

Serves 6

Prep time - 5 minutes
Cooking time - 25 - 30 minutes

You will need
A wide based pan with lid.

6 skinless chicken breasts
1 tbsp vegetable or sunflower oil
2 apples - cored and sliced
1 medium leek - sliced
6 fl oz apple juice or cider
1/2 chicken stock cube
1/4 tsp dried thyme
4 fl oz soured cream OR crème fraîche
2 tsp cornflour

Heat the oil in the pan then brown the chicken breasts on each side (no need to cook through) and remove from the pan. Add the apples and leeks to the pan and cook for 2 minutes. Just enough to begin to colour them. Add the apple juice to the leeks and apples and crumble over the half chicken stock cube. stir it all in. 

Return the chicken to the pan, and scatter over the dried thyme and a good grind of black pepper. Cover and simmer for about 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. No pink but still moist. Remove the chicken from the pan and keep warm.

Add the cornflour to the cream and mix well, then add to the pan to make the sauce. stir until thickened and no trace of flour remains - about 2 - 4 minutes.

Spoon over the chicken.. ONLY the chicken.

Serve with green vegetables of your choice and/or saute potatoes.

NOTE: Where possible use red skinned apples with a firm flesh. I prefer braeburns.


  1. Hello Abby,

    This looks delicious, I haven't seen many recipes that combine apple and chicken so it's refreshing to see this. I was wondering if you’d like to enter this recipe into our Gourmandize Giveaway recipe competition. This month the theme is apples so it would be perfect, and there are nice prizes to win – let me know what you think:




    1. Thanks, Laurence! Just saw the competition a few moments ago - if I can come up with a better image, I'd love to enter :)


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