13 September 2012

* Millionaire's Shortbread

Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe
This is one of my son's absolute favourite tray bakes...and mine. If I didn't like it, there's no way I'd make it.

It's one of those tray bakes that we've probably all eaten at some point and loved, but it gets a bit forgotten now that cupcakes, cookies, muffins and brownies are all the rage. Or have they always been all the rage and I'm just catching on now?

I'm a huge fan of eating muffins (especially chocolate chip ones) - just not yet a huge fan of baking them. Though I imagine that practise makes perfect!!!

When you're making this tray bake, for GODS SAKE don't lick the spoon after you've poured the caramel over the shortbread unless you want your tongue to melt off!!! You only have to wait a minute - then it's safe *nods vigorously*.

Yes. I have licked the spoon too early.

Yes. I felt like a complete numpty the moment I did it.

Yes. I've done it more than once.

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Makes 12 bars

Prep time - 5 minutes plus cooling time for each layer - about 3-4 hours total
Cooking time - 10-20 minutes.

You will need
A 23cm/9inch square cake tin (pan)
Non stick pan
A sweet tooth

Shortbread Base
175g plain flour
125g butter - cut into pieces
50g soft brown sugar

50g butter
50g soft brown sugar
400g can condensed milk
150g milk chocolate

Preheat the oven to 190c/170cfan/375f/gas 5

Grease the cake tin.

Put the flour and butter into your food processor and whizz until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the sugar and whizz until it forms a soft dough. Remove the dough from the processor and press it into the bottom of the prepared tin and prick with a fork.

Bake for 20 minutes (about 10 in a fan oven) until lightly golden. Leave to cool in the tin.

To make the caramel topping, place the butter, sugar and condensed milk into a non stick pan and bring to the boil over a gently heat, stirring constantly. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 4 - 5 minutes (or however long it takes) until the caramel is pale golden in colour and comes away from the sides of the pan. Pour over the shortbread base and leave to cool.

When the caramel topping is firm, melt the chocolate on a medium heat in the microwave. A minutes at a time to prevent it from crystallising - or do it the old fashioned way, in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Spread the melted chocolate over the caramel. leave to set in a cool place.

Millionaire's Shortbread Recipe

Cut and serve... or hide them.

Yes. Those are MY fingerprints. Just count yourself lucky that you can't see where I licked them.

If you use the fridge to set it - take it out about 10 minutes before you want to cut it up.

I've tried to use dulce de leche in the past, and find it's just a bit too gooey to make a stable tray bake with. Everything oozes out, which is all very well if you're not the one doing the washing!


  1. Thanks for sharing your recipes, and giving me more inspiration in the kitchen. I made this and the Chocolate Chip Oaties yesterday afternoon. Even Master 5, who does not eat homemade baking ate 3 biscuits :O

    1. Awwww Em, thankyou! I'm glad he enjoyed them ;0)


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