5 September 2012

* Stromboli

Stromboli RecipeI feel slightly as though the title deserves an exclamation mark. It sounds like some sort of Italian announcement. Or an announcement of someone Italian... "Aaand tonight laaaadies aaaand gen-tle-men - performing live for the very first time we have... StttrrrrroooooommmmBOLI!"

Pizza Pinwheel sounds so very lame in comparison. But that's what it is, really. Though perhaps not as basic! Although some use bread dough rather than pizza dough to make it - pizza dough just seems like the easier option.

It's pretty hard not to eat this hot, straight out of the oven. It has a certain gooey... nomminess (there's that word again) when just cooked, that is irresistible. I know this because two men suddenly appear in my kitchen and just... linger. They say nothing. They're just suddenly... THERE.

This time, they both decided that the quickest way to get the food, was to arrange the photograph. It was incredibly reassuring to see that they're even worse than me when it comes to food photography! Their endeavours have not been shared :/

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Stromboli Recipe

Makes two small or one large

Prep time - 20 minutes (with premade pizza dough and marinara sauce)
Cooking time  - 20 - 25 minutes 
Total time - 40 - 45 minutes

You will need
A rolling pin
A baking tray
Baking parchment

1 portion basic pizza dough divided into two balls
6 - 8 slices smoked Bavarian cheese
15 slices pepperoni
1/2 green pepper - chopped
50g mozzarella - ripped up
3 tbsp pesto 
100g mozzarella - ripped up
1/2 a red pepper - chopped into chunks
1/3 butternut squash - chopped into chunks
1/2 red onion - chopped into chunks
50g chorizo - chopped

Roast the red pepper, red onion and squash on a baking tray, drizzled with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper - for about 5 - 10 minutes on a medium temperature - 160c/140cfan/284f/gas3 - just enough to soften them. When cooked, remove from oven and turn the oven up to 180c/160cfan/350f/gas4.

Roll out both balls of pizza dough into rectangular shapes (or as near as dammit) until about 5mm in thickness. Spread one with the marinara sauce then layer the sliced cheese and slices of pepperoni on top. Scatter chopped green pepper and mozzarella over the it, and roll up. Place on baking parchment on baking tray, with the sealed side down.

Spread the other *pizza* with the pesto. Scatter across the mozzarella, roasted vegetables and chorizo - roll up and place beside the other stromboli on the baking tray. Using a sharp knife - put a couple of shallow slits across the top of each stromboli, brush with milk or egg and cook for 20 - 25 minutes until golden brown and cooked through.

Best served (and sliced) cold as it retains it's shape and is much easier to handle. It's great as a picnic lunch or in a packed lunch for work.

Stromboli Recipe

You can (of course) experiment with your own choice of fillings. Just try not to over fill or use too many wet ingredients. You don't want it so full that it won't roll up, or so wet that the dough doesn't cook inside.


  1. Sweet Lord have mercy *drool*

    1. I'm SO not cleaning up your dribble! Though it is appreciated ;0) xx


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