20 December 2012

* Scuba Doo

I'm not dead. I've just been amazingly busy and had little time or inclination to food blog in the past few weeks. It's done nothing but rain here for what feels like months and it's been almost impossible to take a decent photograph of my cooking in such grey and depressing light (plus I have no gizmos or real know-how to aid me) so hubby and I hit the road and took ourselves off to Egypt for a week, for some much needed sun, sea and sand.

We didn't go touring, because of the civil unrest. It would have been a bit bloomin' stoopid to go on holiday and get all *het up* trying to get through Cairo etc to the Pyramids, or to Luxor for the Valley Of The Kings - we'll do that next time.

We did... however... go scuba diving (that's me on the left!)!!! It was amazing, and really NOT the sort of thing you keep to yourself so I'm going to share a few photographs of our holiday and our diving experiences. We do have a video of it all, but You Tube keeps buggering me about so it's yet to be uploaded and inflicted upon everyone.

I've Christmas to deal with now, so hopefully will be blogging recipes again in the New Year. Plus I quit one of my jobs, so will probably have more time to do the things I want... well, that's the plan.

Click on the link below if you want to to see a few highlights from our holiday - I promise not to bore you with too many!

See? Now that wasn't too painful, was it!

Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you call it) and a Happy New Year to everyone. See you in 2013!!!


  1. Goodness you look so perfectly happy, your smile just made my day! Hubby is hot too, keep him :P

  2. These are so cool! Just goes to show, you're never too old. ;-) *ducks*


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