10 March 2013

* Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there today!

It's the official Mothering Sunday here in the UK today and it's come upon us out of the blue. I'm pretty sure we only just finished with Christmas a few days back and yet already - here we are.

AND there have been Easter Eggs on shop shelves since Boxing Day here. Honest.

My son has just phoned from his nan's to wish me a Happy Mothers Day. He's improving with age...

When he was 10yrs old he decided he'd rather buy himself a bar of chocolate than waste his money on me because I could buy my own flowers, if I really wanted some. There was a twisted logic in that that I actually admired but my entire family kept trying to save the day by coaxing him into at least picking a few weeds out of his grandad's garden and handing them over as a token gift... well... Josh isn't one to be coaxed and that year I ended up with the torn off heads of mum's Camelias being lobbed at the patio windows to cries of "Happy F*****g Mothers Day!!!".

He was a sweet child.

He's 21 now and this year - although I haven't seen him yet - he's bought himself a DVD for Mothers Day. Apparently I can watch it with him and keep it on the shelf downstairs.

It's my fault that he's the way he is, because I find him very funny. When he was throwing those Camelias at me and swearing, I was rolling around the living room floor trying not to wet myself laughing. The fact that he's actually remembered Mothers Day this year, is progress.

Happily, I don't need flowers or a card to know that he loves me.

I'm his mum :)

However - MY mum needs to know it in person, up close and personal - so I'm letting her cook me a roast dinner.

You can see where my boy gets his winning personality from, can't you.

Happy Mother's Day XXxx

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