3 April 2013

* Chorizo and Chestnut Mushroom Carbonara

Yes - it IS another Chorizo recipe. I'm sorry, they're kinda screaming to get out of their folder due to overcrowding issues. So though I said I'd try to space them out... I did also say that I "wouldn't promise nuffink"... because I  LOVE IT.

You nearly got a soup recipe, but when I had a really good look at the photographs - it looked a bit like cat sick. So... no soup today. Especially as I would really like you to come back and thought I may have been pushing my luck with Monday's Meat Brownie... *cue exaggerated wink*. 

No. I'm not having a stroke. Thankyou.

This recipe was not born of the need to use up the Chorizo - however, there was a small, half used tub of low fat crème fraîche that was feeling rather sorry for itself at the back of the fridge, and I had an urge for some sort of creamy pasta. I also had an egg. Just the one.

It quite genuinely took 15 minutes from start to finish (after the kettle had boiled) to cook this. I even managed to make a quich Hassleback Stylie garlic bread from a Ciabatta Roll that decided to get in on the "use me now or lose me forever" action.

It was that scrumptious that I could have happily eaten both bowls.

I didn't though.

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Serves 2

Prep time - 5 minutes
Cooking time - 10 minutes

You will need
A pot for boiling pasta
A non stick frying pan/skillet

3.5oz/100g dried penne pasta (or other)
6oz/160g spanish chorizo - sliced
3.5oz/100g chestnut mushrooms - sliced
1 egg yolk
5fl oz/150ml low fat crème fraîche
3oz/75g Parmesan - grated
salt and pepper

Cook your pasta according to the packet instructions.

Over a medium heat cook the chorizo in the frying pan until it just begins to release it's oil - about 3 minutes, then throw in the chestnut mushrooms. Cook for 5 minutes stirring all the time.

In a bowl mix together the egg yolk and crème fraîche. Drain the cooked pasta and reserve some some of the cooking water.

Remove the frying pan from the heat and stir in the pasta, eggy mixture and 60g of the Parmesan. The warmth of the pan and the pasta will cook the sauce without curdling it.

Serve scattered with the remaining Parmesan and with garlic bread.


18 propoints per serving (really don't know why I bothered to add this one up, it's not exactly diet food!)


  1. Come back on sims 3 please^^

    1. Hahahaha....Noooooooooooooooooooooooo... but thankyou for missing me, whoever you are xx

  2. Oh, wow...this looks SO good! Next week, this is going on the menu plan. I'm almost positive that I've got some chorizo in the freezer that's calling my name!

    1. Do you know, it has never occurred to me to freeze chorizo. Like EVER! I have no clue why. I feel like I've just discovered the world is round!!!

  3. Another wonderful mushroom recipe! I love the flavour pairing with chorizo...thanks for sharing!!


    1. Thanks Shannon!

      I always have plenty of both in my fridge (gonna try freezing the chorizo now though - thanks Kelly!) and I get fed up of using onion with everything. It made a nice change :)

  4. Easy to do, love the concept. I added some Italian herbs, black pepper and parsley--I was out of salt so mine came out a little bland, but for the perky chorizo :( Perhaps on the next round I'll sautee some garlic and onion in with the mushrooms. :)

    1. That sounds really lovely - I've made with this two egg yolks just recently, instead of one and it does add a bit more richness to the meal as far as flavour is concerned. I'm whacking garlic and onion in mine next time, now that you've suggested it ;)

  5. The pics you post are really beautiful, like in a food magazine.


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