11 August 2013

* 12 Alternatives to RecipeNewz

When I first started food blogging a year ago, I had no idea that I'd have to "advertise" my recipes/blog for people to find out I was here. I thought it'd be enough just to write a decent recipe, take a picture or three and hit the *publish* button.... not so. The interwebz is a huge and cavernous space full of dust bunnies and silently rolling tumbleweed, if you start a blog up in unsuspecting ignorance of how to make friends and influence people.

Thankfully, whilst reading someone else's recipe I noticed a comment from someone called RecipeNewz and I followed the yellow brick road of the interwebz highway back to my very first, ever,  "food porn" site. It was a stroke of luck that the comment wasn't from one of the more overly discerning sites, because I think I'd have given up before I'd started - my photos really weren't "All That" (still aren't - getting there).

RecipeNewz accepted every single photograph and link to a recipe that anyone and everyone submitted. Although that may seem like it's best feature, especially for new food bloggers and those of us who are somewhat photographically challenged - I personally believe that it's best feature was it's complete reliability to publish your photo etc, within minutes of having hit *submit*. There was no moderation queue, no hoping for acceptance, no turning up three days later and discovering that Elana (the owner) was having a busy weekend and didn't have time to attend to her website. Just *submit* and maybe a couple of minutes later... BOOM! There it was.

Sadly, after a short break from food blogging in July - I've returned to discover that RecipeNewz is no more. I'm really sorry for that because it was one of the best *food porn* websites out there. However, I'm still here and I've needed to do a bit of foraging to find a replacement or three. 

Below are a few recommendations and comments based more on reliability than on acceptance levels. I've also included the accepted image sizes (in pixels). Though some of them do have a facility for cropping the image after submission, it's best to resize your own images for the sake of clarity.

  • Fridgg - immediate - accepts all photos instantly - as long as they are food/recipe related (600 x450).
  • FoodiePortal - within 12 - 24hrs - accept most photos (250x250)
  • Foodgawker - within 12 - 24hrs - can be overly discerning in acceptance (275x275).
  • Tastespotting - can take two to three days to get to photos - can be discerning in acceptance (250x250).
  • Tasteologie - within 12 - 24hrs - can be slightly discerning in acceptance (250x250).
  • Healthy Aperture - can take three or more days to get to photos - can be discerning in acceptance (250x250).
  • Dishfolio - within 12 - 24hrs - accepts most photos (250x250). Photos are resized to 250x252 so slightly blurred in appearance after acceptance.
  • YumGoggle - can take a couple of days to get to photos - accepts most photos (300x250).
  • Kitchen Artistry - can take two to three days to get to photos - can be slightly discerning in acceptance (600x400).
  • FoodiEpix - can take a couple of days to get to photos - accepts most photos (250x250).
  • RecipesGawker - don't know yet. New to me (250x250).
  • FoodSpreading - can take a week to get to photos - accepts most photos (250x250).
Vicky (in comments below) has given me a link to another *food porn* site that publishes immediately. If any of you have additional reliable and consistent sites to add, please let me know and I'll add to a separate list below. Thanks!

  • HopWhere - immediate - accepts all photos - (250x250)


  1. Omigosh..I've never heard of any of these sites! Lol! Thank you for sharing, Abbe ^.^

  2. Thanks a lot for informationa. :) Some of them are new for me. :)

    1. You're very welcome! I hoped that others might be able to make use of the info :) xx

  3. Here is another one immediate www.hopwhere.com - accepts all photos, publishing instantly.

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I'd genuinely never heard of them - all add them above xx

  4. I can't believe Recipe Newz is gone!

    thanks for the alternatives, i've not heard of quite a few of them. I'll need to chek them out.

    1. I can't believe it's gone either - It was always my first stop when looking for a recipe or wanting to *advertise* mine :/

      There are more out there than I've listed, but these are the ones that I use on a regular basis. I hope you find what you need in them :)

  5. Thanks for the info. I am still trying to make up my losses from that site shutting down.

    1. Happy to help! I had a mild panic attack when it shut dwn, it provided me with the most overall traffic - I'm finding Foodie Portal and Recipes Gawker are sending quite a bit of traffic my way at the moment, if that's any help.

  6. I was also very sad when recipe newz left! Thanks for the tips!

  7. Thank you for the info!

  8. http://www.recipegraze.com is another one. I get some good traffic from it.


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