31 October 2012

* Creamy Mediterranean Chicken

I'm in the midst of a love affair with anti pasto.

It started in Portsmouth a couple of months ago when on a girly weekend away, shopping and eating and drinking at Gun Wharf Quay. We booked a table at Azzuro's and I ordered the anti pasto as my starter...

I now have a constant conveyor belt of anti pasto products in the fridge and figured I may as well use some of them in something other than an anti pasto (how many times can you say anti pasto in one sentence???!!? THREE), or my love affair with it would end badly... 

... a bit like the time our Nan allowed my brother and I to eat all of the jelly out of a tin of ham, one Christmas/Boxing Day in the late 1970's.... until that moment in time we had both been keen partakers of ham jelly... in small amounts... when mum wasn't looking. I don't know about him, but the sound of a tin opener followed immediately by the briny smell of ham - now thoroughly murders my appetite.

Quite an achievement.

Anyhoo - it was lunch time... there was a jacket potato baking in the oven and I had five minutes to play with my food and come up with a topping for my baked spud - before it had finished cooking...

... so I did.

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Serves 1

Prep time - 5 minutes

You will need
A bowl

100g cooked shredded chicken
1 seriously HUGE  heaped dessert spoon of mayonnaise
20g marinated artichoke hearts - sliced
15g sun dried tomatoes - sliced
20g roasted red pepper (from a jar) - sliced
1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
black pepper

A Jacket Potato (Baked Potato) or Couscous to serve.

In a bowl combine the mayonnaise with a table spoon of water to loosen it. Add the remaining ingredients, stir thoroughly and season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve either with couscous or on top of a hot jacket potato.


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