2 November 2012

* Creamy Seafood Stew

Oh. My. God... was this gorgeous or WHAT!

I wish I could take full credit for it, but I found the basis for the recipe in one of my Good Food magazines from "waaay back when", on an evening a few weeks ago when I had nothing to do but peruse recipes and drool on relevant glossy pages.

We don't eat much in the way of fish, and I was deliberately looking for inspiration along those lines when I saw this and decided it was worth a try. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a bit ordinary and maybe a tad bland because it just seemed a little bit too simple to be anything else.

I did tweak it a bit, because the portions didn't seem to me, to be quite right - but I kept the flavours identical.




I'm going straight out to buy another bag of seafood, so that I can cook it again at the next available opportunity.

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 Serves 2

Prep time - 5 minutes
Cooking time - 25 - 30 minutes

You will need
A small to medium saucepan with lid.

1 tbsp olive oil
1 onion - chopped
2 sticks celery - chopped
1 garlic clove - crushed
150ml white wine (I used a chardonnay)
250ml chicken stock - from a cube is fine
1 heaped tsp cornflour - mixed to a paste with 1 tbsp cold water
300g bag frozen seafood mix - defrosted
small bunch dill - chopped (about 3 tbsps)
2 heaped dessert spoons of half fat crème fraîche
Garlic Bread to serve

Heat the oil in the saucepan and gently cook the onion and celery until softened - about 10 minutes. Don't allow it to colour. Put the lid on the pan to help things along, remember to give it the occasional stir. Throw in the garlic and cook for a minute before adding the wine.

Bring the wine to a simmer on a high heat and cook until most of it has disappeared. Pour in the stock and cornflour paste and simmer for 5 - 10 minutes until the sauce has thickened. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper then add the crème fraîche and most of the dill. Once hot, add the seafood. Simmer for a couple of minutes (if that) until the whole dish is piping hot and cooked through. Be careful not to over cook it, seafood has a tendency to go like rubber.

Divide the stew between two bowls and serve with warm garlic bread... and the rest of the bottle of wine!



  1. I can't eat seafood. I tried but the texture under my teeth makes me want to die. I can only eat shrimp, but only a certain type and with a certain type of cooking. ;__; It looks good thought.

    1. Aawww babe. You need therapy!

      Having said that- I don't eat cooked egg white. Can't stand the texture :-/

    2. Ahhh! See what I mean?! I also have trouble with the egg white, I can eat it mixed in a salad but alone I will always eat the yellow and leave the white. My father used to love the white. He loved to peel eggs too. /I haz a sad suddenly

    3. {{hugs}}

      I threw up all over a neighbours brand new carpet when I was a kid, because she made me eat the egg white in a soft boiled egg :0D Happy Days!!! Needless to say, she never offered to babysit me again.

    4. ewww soft boiled egg :[[[[ EWWW there's some things in this world that shouldn't exist :[ eww
      You did right, REVENGE!!

  2. I've made this dish for a few years now but from a different recipe. I use seafood stock instead of chicken, thyme instead of dill, capsicum instead of celery and don't thicken it with cornflour or boil away the wine. It was from a Mexican cooking encyclopedia.

    1. I might have to give your version a go! Thanks for stopping by :)


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